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Engineering Accountability Fusing Demand & Technology


Changes to the automotive industry are occurring rapidly as it adjusts to new technologies and consumer demands. The stakes are also increasing as recalls occur at a record pace, as well as threats of prosecution for individuals in the decision making process. Today, awareness of your software development process is critical to you and your company like never before.

As cars become more similar to consumer electronics, the complexity of managing the increasing amount of software can be a struggle. Simply signing off without knowing the requisite background work has been accomplished can no longer be a way of doing business.

Polarion® for Automotive offers a unified ALM automotive solution to orchestrate software development tools and processes in multi-domain engineering organizations. We connect teams and projects to improve the application development process - from software requirements and coding through testing and release.

Join our complimentary webinar regarding the automotive industry and engineering accountability where we will discuss:

  • Current trends and what they mean to you and your business
  • Engineering accountability and software development
  • Business Benefits of unified ALM

Discover how collaboration and traceability can make your development teams more effective and bring better products to market on time.

A complimentary, on-demand webinar for you and your colleagues.


Mike Borse


Mike Borse, Siemens PLM Software


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