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Embedded Software Like Never Before

With the rapid expansion of technology into everyday life, the importance of software is growing exponentially. What was once a relatively simple device performing a single task, has grown in both functionality and complexity. Components or devices with embedded software now connect to the internet, are interconnected with other devices, and may even include rich user interfaces. Today, embedded software development is evolving -- to be unlike your development experience before.

How Polarion for Embedded Systems can help manage your embedded software development needs:
Medical - Our software has been utilized to develop embedded software from exoskeleton devices to vital sign detection monitoring. Take advantage of our automated systems engineering to design and develop with high efficiency and ROI.
Internet of Things (IoT) - Make agile decisions as standards evolve and competition emerges - using our standardized, proven software platform.

Other Industries - Polarion’s unified data shared ubiquitously helps facilitate collaboration. Increased collaboration is proven to increase product functionality, quality, and streamlines time to market.

Some of the many overall benefits and values of Polarion for Embedded Systems:

  • Real-time collaboration with intuitive authoring and linking to quickly identify defects, determine impact, and resolve in the most complex systems
  • Comprehensive end-to-end traceability from requirements to code, testing, verification and validation
  • Get up and running quickly with customizable, pre-built best-practice workflows, cross-discipline reports, and metrics to manage the full product lifecycle, while accelerating time to market with enforced compliance with your project's operating procedures
  • Predictive analysis, FMEA risk management and lifecycle project management
  • Use your own existing processes or the ramp fast using expert templates provided for Agile, Waterfall, V-Model, ISO/IEC, FDA, FAA, and hundreds more
  • Model-based development with Polarion’s unique wizard based UML builder and integrations with Matlab Simulink, Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect, or Rhapsody
  • Requirements driven development allows you to reverse engineer existing products with Polarion’s time machine to reuse and manage assets, versions, and variant
  • Managing requirements, code, test cases, work items of any kind for product variants
  • Track, Trace, or Link any kind of work items one-to-one or one-to-many across infinite levels and infinite products or projects - to share, collaborate, and review with your team
  • Polarion has a compelling and easy to learn and use UI, and unique LiveDoc technology that drives adoption and rapidly helps make your embedded development team productive. Within days, Polarion customers are customizing their user interface and molding the Polarion product to fit their operating procedures


mike_borse.pngMike Borse, Polarion Software Product Manager
In a technology career spanning 30+ years, Mike Borse has enjoyed experiences in seemingly every imaginable role --from programmer to development manager, from project management to IT governance, from security and risk management to audit and compliance, from software business development to product management, among various other experiences, working with many talented engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives from throughout the world, in numerous entities engaged in widely diverse industries, markets, and business sectors. What he has enjoyed most, since the first days of his tech career, are the endless opportunities for continuous learning, and the personal fulfillment derived from working with talented individuals solving complex problems innovating solutions from the sublimely simple to the fantastic.


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