On-demand Webinar:

Easing IEC 62304 Adoption for Medical Devices

In this informal session, our resident medical device guru Griffin Jones, in collaboration with Jaimie Cole of iCardiac, share their expertise and unique insight on medical device certification and how it applies to your company.



Griffin Jones

Consultant at Congruent Compliance LLC



Jaimie Cole

Vice President of Technology, iCardiac



Regg Struyk

Product Manager Polarion QA

Who should watch this webinar?

Executive Management, Regulatory Managers, Product Design/Development Managers & Engineers, Product Managers, Project Managers, Quality Control/Assurance — anyone involved with safety-critical medical device development.

The development of safety-critical medical devices presents special challenges at every step, from product conceptualization through design, development and testing, to regulatory approval and post-market oversight and support.

Polarion’s interactive webinar will help regulatory, quality and R&D professionals understand the special issues of integrating requirements with software in a regulated environment, particularly in accordance with IEC 62304.

This webinar is right for you, if you want to:

  • Achieve IEC 62304 compliance quicker
  • Create audit-related reports faster to meet auditors requirements
  • Prove and track implemented processes, actions, and approvals at a forensic level during the entire lifecycle
  • Collect and mitigate all upcoming risks properly
  • Base reports on all relevant information and publish auditor-ready-style

“Polarion is helping us achieve the higher quality that we aspire to reach, saving money at the same time.” 
    — Jim Mapel, Cyberonics

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