On-demand Webinar:

Building Interoperable Software - a panel discussion

Whether you are writing code at the developer desktop, finding risks during run-time debugging, working with developer code migration or developing an automated GUI testing framework; integration can be easier and more seamless.

We know that bringing these disparate technologies together will increase your organization's code quality and organizational efficiency as well as improve communication and reduce costs. Let us show you how to work better!

You will enter into details of:

  • Finding Defects that may cause security and performance issues
  • On-the-fly coding and ticketing system
  • OpenLogic scanning and how to take action on the identified risks
  • Stay compliant with industry and government standards 
  • Tight product integration with plug-ins to further manage and assess risk

Featured Speakers:

Regg Struyk, Polarion Software 
Amanda Burma, froglogic 
Walter Capitani, Rogue Wave Software

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