On-demand Webinar:

Branching and Merging with Subversion


  • Welcome
  • Presentation of merging and branching:
    • merge a range of revisions
    • reintegrate a branch
    • merge two different trees
  • Branching strategies
    • bugfix branch
    • platform branch
    • feature branch
    • developer branch (and why you do not need it for Subversion)

For seven years, Polarion Software has developed with and for Subversion, creating several free supplementary tools on Subversion such as "Subversive," "SubTrain," and "Importer for SVN."

In addition, Polarion has carried out migrations and roll-outs of Subversion for numerous companies. References and a detailed overview of all Subversion services of Polarion are available here.

On top of that, Polarion bases the development of its products for the Requirements Management, Test Management , and Application Lifecycle Management on Subversion.

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