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Branching and merging patterns in modern Distributed Version Control

Who should watch this webinar?

Developers, Development Managers, Release Builders, Configuration Managers

Join Us and Learn How to:

Improve your development productivity through Version Control and you are experiencing one or more of the following pain points:

  • Forced to abandon work in parallel because of limited branching and merging capabilities; often having to merge code manually
  • Unacceptabe long check in and data corruption affecting the entire team
  • Unable to connect to different offices without incurring network latency issues for the remote teams

Agenda Topics

  • From big bang to continuous delivery - version control as a key component
  • Branch per task pattern
  • 2-way vs 3-way merging
  • Distributed and multi-site fundamentals
  • Hands on with Plastic SCM
  • Synergies and integration Polarion and Plastic SCM
  • Interactice Q&A

Featured Speakers:


Pablo Santos is the founder at Codice Software, the company behind Plastic SCM and SemanticMerge. Codice started in 2005 and since then Pablo has played different roles ranging from core engineering to marketing, business development, advertising and sales operations. Currenlty he has a dual role as lead software engineer and product manager for both Semantic and Plastic.


Tim Stroebele, Manager Professional Services for Polarion, has successfully helped hundreds of customers implement Polarion Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools that have improved their organizational processes.

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