On-demand Webinar:

Big Data Testing - Needing more than Excel Spreadsheets to Succeed


Featured Speaker: Regg Struyk, Product Manager with the Polarion team. Regg has over twenty years of commercial software development and testing experience. Dedicated to the domain of test management, Regg is continually analyzing testing trends and their potential impact on the discipline of software testing.

Join us for this complimentary 45-minute webinar-on-demand and learn how software engineering teams adopt new technologies to work with the ever increasing volume of data sets. As more and more data is being generated from multiple sources, requiring analysis and testing you will need to manage and aggregate all of your testing activities from one central quality management platform.

Agenda Topics

  • Hear first hand testing trends surrounding Big Data
  • Learn more about the 3Vs of Big Data testing
  • Discover new challenges with testing Big Data
  • Discover ideas and concepts for testers that can help you overcome the Big Data deluge and make intelligent choices.
  • Interactive Q&A session

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