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Automotive Supply Chain Collaboration and the Technology Challenges Ahead

The next generation of the automobile is here and massive changes in the technology they will be equipped with are on the horizon. Consumers will soon choose cars based on more than the traditional variables of color, engine size, etc.

Our cars have become rolling computers. It takes dozens of microprocessors running hundreds of millions of lines of code to get a premium car out of the driveway, and the software is only going to get more complex. Engines, transmissions, brakes, airbags, and even power windows are equipped with intelligent electronics. Estimations indicate that more than 80% of car innovation already comes from computer systems. Software has become the major contributor of value, but also of new issues and associated costs.

Topping the list of challenges in the new world of software-driven vehicles are the ever-accelerating pace in product development, the need for tight orchestration of all efforts, and the shifting role of suppliers as innovation partners. Automakers and manufacturers that are able to shift gears to meet the growing complexity and emerging trends will be well positioned to secure new market opportunities.

The partners you will rely on to help navigate this changing situation are your suppliers that will collaborate with you to incorporate these rapidly increasing technologies into your products. Is it time to rethink how you collaborate with them before it’s too late?

If you require a unified approach to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and the integration with PLM - Polarion is the right partner and technology to help you get the most out of your existing business processes to making your organization thrive in the future. To aid in your collaboration with suppliers, Polarion supports ReqIF roundtrip natively without any additional plugins required.


  • Industry trends
  • Create the right development platforms and processes
  • Real-time collaboration around the globe to maximize opportunity
  • Harmonize transparent exchanges of information for supply-chain collaboration

Featured Speaker:


Michael Borse, Product Manager, Polarion Software
In a technology career spanning 30+ years, Mike Borse has enjoyed experiences in seemingly every imaginable role --from programmer to development manager, from project management to IT governance, from security and risk management to audit and compliance, from software business development to product management, among various other experiences, working with many talented engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives from throughout the world, in numerous entities engaged in widely diverse industries, markets, and business sectors. What he has enjoyed most, since the first days of his tech career, are the endless opportunities for continuous learning, and the personal fulfillment derived from working with talented individuals solving complex problems innovating solutions from the sublimely simple to the fantastic. Mike formally joined Polarion in 2015 to provide Product Management leadership in key vertical markets, and for Polarion's Variants Management solutions.

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