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Are Continuous Delivery Practices Possible When Developing Embedded Systems?

The development of embedded software continues to evolve based on market pressures, constant technology and development methodology changes and client expectations.

However, can new approaches, such as Continuous Delivery, be adopted by embedded systems developers? It may seem like an impossible goal. Prototypes can be expensive and time-consuming to build, while setting up production lines in a fabrication plant is not something that companies want to do too often. Compounded by the fact that global government regulations change frequently, your embedded systems development tools need to be efficient yet adaptable to change.

This webcast provides insight on the power of a development ecosystem and tooling environment that is fully integrated and able to support you through the various regulatory requirements, while at the same time helping you to maintain quality and achieve competitive excellence.


David Merrill, Director of US Technical Services, Polarion
Mark Warren, Solutions Director, Perforce


Rich Nass, OpenSystems Media

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