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7 Things to Remember When Moving to Enterprise Agile

Agile has been mainstream for quite some time now. We’ve been learning and improving the Agile method year after year and project after project. Now, Agile is being adopted beyond the department and at the Enterprise level.

Through the introduction of Enterprise Agile, corporations and other large organizations see the opportunity to finally have the full benefit of Agile adoption. Agile is about mentality (or Agility) and about process improvement.

Enterprise Agile is not different than Agile. It is Agile with an Enterprise mentality (Enterprise Agility) and Enterprise process improvement. So in all probability, simply scaling up to Enterprise Agile is unlikely to resolve the mistakes and misuses that we made with Agile at the team or project level. Even worse, it has the possibility to intensify them.

What should you look for in an Enterprise Agile toolset:

  • One that covers many disciplines
  • A tool that incrementally supports practices and processes
  • The ability to embed the process knowledge and drive users thru the process
  • A set that helps you measure the quality of the process
  • A tool that is open to easily embrace process improvements

In short, when adopting and using Enterprise Agile you need Polarion Software.



Jiri Walek
Jiri Walek, Polarion Software Vice President, Product Management



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