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5 Reasons to Link MatLab Simulink Models with Polarion Requirements

jiri_walekJoin us for this complimentary 45-minute webinar and learn how easy it is to link MATLAB Simulink models with Polarion REQUIREMENTS. Presented by Jiri Walek, Product Manager with Polarion Software. Over the last 5 years of his career, Jiri has been responsible for directing high level product roadmapping, liaising with Product Owners to reach consensus on the delivery of products.

Imagine the benefits if you could link design specifications and requirements in Polarion directly to your implementation in MATLAB Simulink. It would allow you to add, link or browse linked requirements easier and faster. You can use the supported Polarion VCM repositories (Subversion, Git) to source control MATLAB code and Simulink models - and have traceability between code and model changes and Polarion® Work Items™.


  • Benefit from providing textual design requirements to your SimuLink models
  • Ease of collaboration with all your teams and users who have no MATLAB Simulink
  • Improve your ability to estimate the impact of changes
  • Enhance your project documentation with printable design documents
  • Link model objects to Polarion Work Items (requirements, test cases, design items)
  • Navigate to and highlight objects in a model that is linked to Work Items
  • Generate traceability reports that summarize requirements, test, design, and model traceability coverage
  • Ensure you achieve compliance with development models (e.g. CMMI, SPICE) and specific industry standards such as:
    Automotive ISO 26262 and Electronics IEC 61508 Functional Safety; Aerospace DO-178C; Railway EN 50128; and Medical IEC 62304.
  • Interactive Q&A Session at end of presentation

Who Should Watch This Webinar:

MATLAB Simulink users who are interested to learn how to integrate easily with state-of-the-art browser-based Requirements Management

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