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4 Easy Steps to Gather, Author, Approve and Manage Requirements

In a competitive market, use Polarion REQUIREMENTS to achieve engineering excellence. Software is emerging as the primary agent for innovation - but also adds complexity.

What are four easy steps to manage your software requirements using Polarion?

Import data (unstructured or structured) without losing information with traceable results and enable reimport

Keep your information and data in context while ensuring traceabiliy

Approvals anywhere in the process can remain in context whether you are managing your software development sequentially or in-parallel

Whether you are ‘state-full’ or ‘state-less’, waterfall or agile - benefit from effortless insight and tracking


View this complimentary webinar, or share with colleagues to discover how a unified tool can: 

  • Provide the ability to utilize Agile throughout the Product Lifecycle
  • Positively impact innovation and time-to-market through collaboration
  • How you can have full traceability
  • Provide the advantages of electronic signatures
  • Highlight the benefits of centralized reuse and variant management


jiri_walek.png Jiri Walek, Polarion Software Vice President, Product Management 

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