On-demand Webinar:

3D-Printing; How is it Revolutionizing Your Product Development


Featured Speaker: Nick Entin, Vice President, Research & Development. Nick has over 15 years experience in Software Engineering and is responsible for all aspects of Polarion’s software development activities. Prior to Polarion Nick held senior positions leading ALM development strategies as well as the docent for Computer Science at the Lyceum for Physics and Mathematics in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nick holds an MS in Software Engineering from the Electrical Engineering University, St. Petersburg.

Please join us for this interactive, complimentary webinar-on-demand and hear the latest ideas on how 3D-printing is helping to close the gap between the traditional different concepts in manufacturing and coding and is where hardware meets software - the PALM way in the development cycle.

Polarion is keen to delve deeper into this topic and its relevance to your product development cycle in such critical industries as automotive, aircraft and medical devices. Discover with us why so many people are becoming more and more interested in this subject and how this innovation can be applied to your disciplines.

Agenda Topics:

  • 3D-printing – is it something for the future, or it’s already all-around?
  • Hardware manufacturing being integrated with Software – can 3D-printing be relevant?
  • Software processes to be implemented in Hardware? Iterative, Collaborative, Integrated…Agile
  • Interactive Q&A

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