Automated Test Execution with Polarion

A User Guide


This guide outlines how to set-up an environment that will kick off your test automation scripts directly from Polarion and all the test execution results will be pulled right back in to help you see relevant reports and metrics. You may run your test scripts right away or schedule them for a time in the future through a simple and user friendly interface.

When using Polarion QA for such a scenario, the invoked tool and its role must be clearly defined. In addition to Polarion QA, a tool for automated test execution must be available. The role of the automated test execution tool is to receive a set of data, representing what will be tested and how it shall be tested. Polarion typically holds all of this information and is therefore responsible to somehow deliver the information.

With the information in this document, you will be able to simulate an automatic test run execution and to import results back to Polarion as test runs.

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