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New Customers in Q3/2010
We are happy that we can welcome in Q3/2010 a lot of well-known companies as Polarion customers: Here are just some examples: MTU Aero Engines, dpa Deutsche Presse Agentur, Robert Bosch Gasoline Systems, H&D International Group, Wilo, Deutz, PDS, FIAT, US Air Force, General Atomics, L3 Communications, Schawk, University of Maryland

New office in the UK

In October the UK office of Polarion was opened in North London. The UK operation is to service the UK and Ireland business which is a significant market for Polarion´s suite of products. Many of the existing customers of Polarion have offices in different locations but with head offices in the finance or R&D business sectors in the UK. Polarion UK office is set up with product support and sales resources and has already held two successful workshops in November with two more planned for early February. Whilst preparing itself for the avalanche of enquiries, the support team at Polarion UK has been undergoing training on and familiarisation of the products and take part in the bi-weekly webinars.

Polarion UK - the Team

Mark Scott Managing Director of Polarion UK had a previous association with the directors of Polarion from being involved with PVCS and MKS source control tools and was asked if he would head up the UK operation. Scott says, "Having reviewed the toolset, the operation and the uniform high level of drive of the senior management as well as that of the staff, I feel that it is a focused team going places. One of the particularly attractive features is that the Requirements Management module is not only relevant in the programming environment. Any disparate group of individuals working collaboratively on major contracts, specifications, etc, can utilize the simplicity and flexibility the Web2.0 tool to bring the requirements together much easily in a structured way with less stress across multiple sites. That the software uses the strength and openness of Subversion ensures lowest cost solutions are delivered without compromise."


Polarion 2011 Early Access

As you might already know, the new release of Polarion 2011 for Requirement and Application Lifecycle Management is on the way. We would like to once more invite you to join the Early Access Program. Register now, if you haven't done so already.

Joining the Polarion Early Access Program 2011 gives you access to benefits like early Access to the 2011 release, links to special articles and sneak preview videos as well as the possibility to invite three of your friends to the Early Access Program.

Have a look at the Polarion Early Access Program website and get a sneak preview of what´s coming in Polarion 2011:

  • New Polarion Documents: Polarion Documents, coming in Polarion 2011, deliver an exciting new approach that keeps document-oriented people working the way they work best, while streamlining collaboration, and seamlessly merging document-based artifacts into your overall development processes and best practices. And oh yes... they're darned easy and convenient to use!
  • Easy Import from Word: Polarion Documents enable companies to leverage document-based assets by easily and quickly importing them into a modern, web-based platform with deeply integrated tracker and version control, where they can efficiently and effectively manage requirements, test cases, and other artifacts throughout the entire lifecycle... while their content remains in documents - familiar-looking, and a snap to get up to speed with.

But that's not all! If you register for the Polarion Early Access Program, we will inform you once we reveal more of the new and exciting features of Polarion 2011



Polarion Internal Pop Challenge

We're very pleased to announce the winner of Polarion Software's Internal POP Challenge, where we invite employees and partners to compete for a $1000 prize for the best Polarion extension. This year's winner is:

Benjamin Engele

"Role Based Enumeration Filter" by Benjamin Engele

See the Polarion Blog for more details on the event and the extensions, all now available at extensions.polarion.com.

Congratulations to Benjamin and thanks to all extension authors who contributed to the Challenge.



Tips for Improving Your QA - Simply

In software development, quality gains are among the hardest points to score and testing your product is as critical as developing it. The demand for continuous ongoing testing can increase costs significantly, so a sound approach and an effective framework for managing your test process is what you need to get things right. And the Polarion POP Extension Simple QA can help you.

Built on the Polarion platform, Simple QA can greatly assist in managing teamwork across test planning and execution processes. In fact, it can be used as your entry point for building a fully-fledged collaborative web-based QA solution to fulfill your quality goals. Sound interesting? Then flag some time to read Polarion Quality Camp: Managing your Simple QA project on the Polarion Blog.



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